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The vision of Smith Chapel Bible University is to train believers through a curriculum of Christian and theological education.  The University recognizes that we minister in a diverse and changing world guided only by the Christ Centered World view of the Holy Scriptures (KJV).  The University seeks to equip each student to apply changeless Bible principles in all facets of life.  The University further seeks to assist students in growing to maturity, as well as, responsibly living out the principles of GOD’s Word.  All programs emphasize professional integrity, Biblical fidelity, and excellence in academic pursuits.  The degree programs of the University are primarily for preparing students for religious vocations.


The mission, on behalf of the Chancellor (Christ Jesus) is to challenge and equip believers in living out the principles of the inerrant, infallible, and sacred Word of God.  The University is committed to the literal interpretation of the Word of GOD as recorded in the Holy Bible (Authorized King James Version):
  • The Textual History of the English Bible  (PowerPoint Format)
  • The Textual History of the English Bible  (Pdf Format)
  • Four Reasons for defending the KJV by Pastor D. A. Waite (Pdf Format)
Therefore, students seeking admission based on Title IV of the Higher Education Act where the major source of federal student aid (Title IV) programs are not eligible for admission, to any College/Seminary nor University owned or operated by: EDUCATION BASED CONSULTANTS OF AMERICA LLC.
Moreover, trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and students operates in faith that the above-mentioned Bible to be the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of GOD.  The University has as its goal the professional and Biblical training of its students to equip them creatively and with Biblical integrity to serve mankind (Genesis 1:27) in the Spirit of Christ, with endowments funding by the ABRAHAMIC FAMILY TRUST, as sufficient for the advancement of Christ Jesus (The God of Genesis 1:1) Kingdom Agenda.

Dr. Abe Johnson (Signature)